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Hi Shinobi

Berikut daftar event yang aktif untuk periode event 2 – 7 September

Event Rules:

1. During the event, top up to get 10% gold bonus. The more you top up, the more bonus you will get;

2.Bonus gold doesn`t count in VIP cumulative top-up;

3.This event doesn`t overlap with the new server first-time top up event, which means you can obtain bonus for both events if you meet the requirement.

Example: If you top up 2,000 gold for the first time in the newly opened server, your bonus will be 200 gold (the 10% bonus for your first-time top-up)+ 200 gold (the 10% bonus for this event), and you will get 2400 gold in total.

Rewards: Bonus gold will be sent to your mailbox after you top-up. Please remember to check your mailbox in time.

Event Rules:

1. Top up in one attempt as required to get reward;

2.You can`t get rewards set for other amounts of top-up.

3.You can get rewards repeatedly if you top up multiple times;

4. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards in time.

Rewards are sent instantly after you top up.

Event Rules:

1.Rewards can be stacked. Example: Player A top up 400 gold, and can get a gift pack for topping up 400 gold*1; then A top up 800 more gold and can get gift pack for topping up 800 gold*1; so A receives a gift pack for topping up a total of 1200 gold*1.

2.Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards in time.

Rewards are sent instantly after you top up.

Event Rules:

1. Single top-up reaches 1000 gold can activate Small Lucky Cat; 2500 gold to activate Lucky Cat; 5000 gold to activate Large Lucky Cat.

2. Each Lucky Cat can only be activated once.

3. Top up 15000 gold in one attempt can activate all lucky cats.

4. After activation, you’ll get bonus gold and other rewards from the lucky cat. You can claim rewards from one cat once a day for 5 days.

5. After activation, you will have 5 days to claim all of your rewards.

6. Free gold won’t count for VIP EXP and other events.

Event Detail:

1. During the event, top-up records will be recorded;

2. There are 10 levels of rewards. Players can activate each level by accumulating top-up;

3. When the amount of accumulative top-up reaches the requirement, system will activate the power to claim rewards and buy packs automatically;

4. There is only one chance to claim a free reward after each level of reward is activated;

Event Rules:
1. Top up gold when Happy Treasure Hunting starts to earn points

2. Conversion rate: 10 gold=1 point

3. Each treasure hunting requires 100 points

4. Use 5000 points will open all and get all chests

5. Treasure map will reset after rewards are claimed

6. Chests will be stored in player’s bag

Event Rules:

1. Recharging any amount once during the event to receive a free “Fortune Pack” worth 800 Gold.

2. Top up required amount of Gold once during the event to claim rewards. There are 4 brackets for the single top-up amount, each of which corresponds to one gift pack and coupons.

Note: Players can only claim the rewards one time. Once they activate one bracket, they cannot claim rewards of other brackets. Please be wise with your choice.

Event Detail:

1. During the event, top-up required amount of Gold daily to receive rewards for free.

2. Free rewards are limited. You won’t be able to receive reward when it become 0.

3. Rewards and top-up requirement will be reset at 00:00 daily(server time).

4. Successfully collecting a free reward each time will accumulate one participation chance. When the participation chances reach the requirement, players can claim an extra pack for free.

Event Detail:

During the event, each time when you spend 1 Gold/Coupon, you will receive 1 point. When you collect enough amount of points, you will be able to buy items of limited quantity. And some of the items are free to claim.


1. The number of item is limited, it will be first come first served.

2. Each item can be purchased/claimed only once.

3. You cannot buy items with Coupons.

Event Detail:

1.During the event, VIP level≥4 players can buy VIP packs with gold or coupons to receive premium items.

Example: VIP6 players can buy VIP4, VIP5, VIP6 packs.

2. Each level of VIP pack is limited to buy once.

Event Detail:

Servers Group Buy has 2 stages: registration period and purchase period.

Registration period is open to all players. The more people register, the cheaper the item will be. There is a floor price for the item.

Note: Registration requires players to possess enough gold or coupons to buy the item. Gold or coupons will not be deducted after registration.

Purchase period: Players who register successfully will have a 10-minute cool down period. Each group buying can only be bought once and will cost the corresponding amount of gold or coupons.

There will be 5 rounds of group buying activities.

Event Detail:

1. Top up during the event and spend Gold in “Ninja Rally” to receive Ninja Books (Each 10 Gold topped up can net you 1 Ninja Book and each 1,000 Gold spent can get you 200 Ninja Books)

Example: Player A spends 900 Gold in Ninja Rally and obtains 0 Ninja Book; spends 1,200 Gold(reaches 1,000 Gold) can obtain 200 Ninja Books; spends 2,500 gold(reaches 2,000 gold) can obtain 200 more Ninja Books; spends 3,000 gold(reaches 3,000 gold) can obtain 200 more Ninja Books.

2. Use Ninja Books first when buying ninjas and gift packs. Then use Gold to fill the gap (1 Gold=1 Ninja Book).
3. The Gold spent to fill the gap can also be used in the event “Spend 1,000 Gold to Return 200 Ninja Books” (Cannot buy ninjas owned.)
4. Coupons cannot be used in this event.

5. The number of gold spent in this event can be found at the bottom of the event page.


Event Rules:

1. You have 3 free guess and 3 free fault-tolerance chances every day. Free chances will be reset at 24:00 daily;
2. Guessing costs 10 gold, Fault–tolerance costs 100 gold;
3. When you reach required number of winning streaks, you can claim Win Streak Chest;
4. Players guess if their points are bigger than Tsunade’s and click Large or Small;
5. Win Streak+1 if players guess right and enter the next round of guess;
6. Players can use fault-tolerance to keep the current winning streaks and challenge Tsunade again after deducting one guess chance if they fail; if players abandon the winning streak, existing winning streak will be removed;

7. If players give up existing winning streak, they have to claim the chests before the next guess;
8. Players shall claim all chests available when reaching 100 winning streaks to proceed with next challenge.


Event Time: 00:01, Nov 2, 2014 – 23:59, Nov 6, 2014

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail: Orange equipment cannot be obtained direct from monster killing or event quests. Players can go to Treasure House to get equipment shard and redeem advanced orange gear in the Artifact House.

Event Rules:

1. This event lasts for 10 days;

2. Player can draw 3 times for free every day;

3. Player can attend lucky join in the Treasure House by using Gold(Coupons) and receive equipment shards;

4. The number of equipment redemption chance is limited;

5. If there are not enough shards, players can use Gold to replenish;

6. Shards will not be kept after the event. Please redeem them in time.